Solar cells arrived (finally!!!)

Solar cells

I had placed an order for a few different solar cells from Futurlec back in February. I knew they could take a while, coming from Malaysia, so I didn’t really pay attention until about the end of March, when I realized I hadn’t even gotten any notification that they had shipped. When I emailed Futurlec to inquire about the order, the response was that one of the units was out of stock and they didn’t expect to receive them in the immediate future. They asked if I wanted to substitute another part instead. I was a little irritated, since they could’ve let me know that back when I placed the original order, instead of waiting for me to contact them over a month later. Oh well. I guess I’m the wiser for it. ;-)

So… which solar cells did I order? Well, since my bq25570 Solar LiPo Charger board is supposed to work for solar cells with nominal voltages of 0.5V to 2.0V, I got the following to do some characterization and testing:

I’ll try each of these with the charger board and see how things go.